Is Mineral Makeup Good For Your Skin?


Mineral make-up is completely on trend and there are various cosmetic brands releasing their lines of mineral make-up. There are claims of it being healthier, more effective and better for sensitive skin as it is composed of better elements. But there is a mixed response from people who have used the mineral make-up on their skin. To try mineral make-up you can opt for reputed brands such as the Jane Iredale line, considered to be one of the best brands in this category. Even some beauty salons and medical spas suggest the use of the mineral make-up for all types of skin.

Mineral Make-up and Effects

Mineral make-up contains Bismuth Chloride, titanium dioxide and even zinc oxide and they are responsible for the shimmer and the matte look it gives you. Mineral make-up has proved to be a much lighter and more effective make-up for some people who have tried it, but there are also reported cases of irritation and skin break outs. People who are prone to skin irritation and acne have reportedly experienced them with the use of mineral make-up, although there are also such people who haven’t experienced these problems. So the debate on mineral make-up is actually much more of a personal suitability question. There are claims that mineral make-up is better because the minerals get to work on your wrinkles and pores. Such mineral make-up also contains virgin soil, which has properties that are reportedly good for your skin. However, all these claims actually depend on your skin; as if the active ingredients are not suitable for your skin type then you won’t feel any of the benefits.

It is possible to conclude that relative to many of the chemical based make-up products that are available, mineral make-up is on the whole a better product, containing better ingredients; but as with anything, it is not a miracle cure for problem skin.

State and Presence

Mineral make-up is being marketed by many cosmetic brands as a revolutionary product that has great benefits; but whilst mineral make-up is better because of its light application, fine powdered state and better contents, nothing more than this can be attributed to this product, despite the hype.

This type of make-up is not just flying off the shelves because of this message; it is also as a result of people becoming more cautious about using make-up with a chemical base. Products containing harmful chemicals and contents are thought to damage the skin with their application. Taking advantage of this notion, there are numerous products being launched that are claiming to be better with the presence of the minerals.

Mineral based make-up products are not harmful, but as a consumer you must understand their limitations and usage. No make-up that effective that it will immediately cure the skin of problems and some sensitive skin types can still react to even natural ingredients.

Mineral make-up whether used or not, must be bought from reputed brands, so that they are trustworthy and you do not risk unknown contents that cause irritation and other problems. The skin is a very sensitive part of the body and you must not subject it to harmful and string mineral or chemical based cosmetics if you want it to remain beautiful.


Author Bio: Jason Phillips, a 40 year old guy, contributes freelance editorships covering beauty, fashion and lifestyle in print, video and online. He has also worked as a consultant and copywriter for a number of retail brands.


5 Tips for a Low Cost Trip to Italy

Trevi Fountain

Planning a low cost trip to Italy is possible. The Italians themselves, so typically ingenious and sage, usually adopt some simple tricks to save when traveling in their country. Without giving up the amazing landscapes and monuments of the Bel Paese. Well, this is what we want to offer you, with 5 tips for a low cost trip to Italy, so that even your holidays can be cheap … and chic!

Are you planning a holiday in Tuscany and Umbria? Want to visit Florence, Siena, Perugia and Assisi? Choose to stay near these cities to save on accommodation costs, you can sleep at a Bed & Breakfast on the Chianti hills, or on the shores of Lake Trasimeno instead. The B&Bs available in this area are very characteristic, housed in old houses or in small ancient villages. B&B owners in Tuscany and Umbria are always very friendly, they speak good English, prepare special gourmet dinners and are excellent sources of tourist information. Prices for a B&B start at 25-30 Euros per person.

If you want to visit a big city of art, apart from booking your favorite budget hotel in Milan or Rome, you can purchase special cards for tourists either online or at the point of sale on site. With a Milano Card (25 Euros for 2 days) or a Roma Pass (30 euro for 3 days) you can move around the city without paying the tickets on urban transport networks, you get free or heavily discounted access to museums and historic buildings, you can call a multilingual phone service for any need, you get discounts at restaurants and hotels.

If you are young or… just feel young at heart, a good idea to sleep on a budget in Italy is to look for accommodation in a hostel. Hostels in major cities are generally excellent, clean and well equipped, but especially cheap, from 13-15 euro per person in a dorm, or 20 € in double rooms.

If you really want to save on your trip to Italy, you can choose to skip Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence and Naples. Focus on small towns instead, small but lovely towns where you will find all the classic Italian spirit. Near Milan, Pavia and Vigevano are very nice, just a few kilometers from Rome there are the historical Viterbo and Rieti, Vicenza and Padua are two jewels not far from Venice, in South Italy there are towns like Melfi, Matera, Crotone, Catania and Agrigento, which alone deserve a trip to Italy.

Last but not least: fashion and shopping. If your trip to Italy is aimed at the purchase of luxury goods in the beautiful showrooms in via Montenapoleone or Via della Spiga in Milan, or in the exclusive shops of Via del Babuino and Via Condotti in Rome, then the best time to get there is during the end-of-season sales periods. Winter sales usually start on January 6, summer sales in early July. Combining Italian haute couture and a bit of saving is much more difficult at other times of the year.

Andrea is a travel blogger, web programmer, seo apprentice and amateur photographer based in Milan. He has been traveling through most of Europe and loves writing about it. When not wandering through seas and mountains he’s at work for Traveleurope.com



Reducing the Appearance of Marks And Patches On Your Skin

So many people are troubled by skin problems that affect their beauty appeal, but believe that they cannot be cured and they have to live with ugly marks for the rest of their lives. However, they are mistaken. All the major skin problems such as patches, stretch marks and cellulite, can be improved. All we need to do is to adapt ourselves in a healthy lifestyle and take suitable precautions and steps.


Have you noticed the ugly fat deposits just beneath the surface of skin that make it look rough? This is cellulite. It predominantly occurs on the abdomen, limbs and pelvic region. The appearance of cellulite depends upon several factors such as the colour of your skin, hormonal changes, body fat, metabolism rate and lack of exercise. Cellulite has no relation to being overweight or underweight, although shedding osme weight through exercise can often reduce its appearance. Trying out creams and pills might not be a good idea as they might cause blood circulation problems or skin allergies.

Dark and light patches

Discolouration of skin can be the result of numerous issues. Extra exposure to sun or using rough sponges can be contributors. Any type of friction on the skin surface causes the protective cells of the epidermis layer to die, which in turn leads to the deposition a of amyloid (a type of protein) that forms dark patches. Poor hygiene can lead to fungal growth on the skin causing de-pigmentation. Use of artificial scrubbers on your body should be avoided. Ensure you bath or shower daily and never forget to dry yourself completely. To avoid the appearance of patches, you must be gentle with your skin. Loofas and sponges made of plant extracts should be used. Skin allergies relating to deodorants and perfumes need to be diagnosed by a dermatologist. Also make sure that the soaps or cleansers that you use match the Ph level of human skin (i.e. 5.5).

Spider veins

Have you ever noticed the blue or purple patterns appearing on your skin? These are most commonly found around the ankle and resemble a spider’s web. The major contributing factor to their appearance is abnormal blood flow and weak veins. Using tight fitting clothing and undergarments adds to the issue. Start wearing a calf stocking and do calf muscle exercises to channel the blood flow from the veins to your heart. Also try to keep your legs elevated while resting. Sclerotherapy can also be an option for you but don’t forget to consult a dermatologist before going for the procedure.

Stretch marks

Your skin thins out just like a plastic bag if it is stretched. Stretch marks are most common amongst people who drastically lose or put on weight. This happens especially with pregnant women, teenagers and adults who work out. The marks appear when collagen (which makes up to 75% of the skin) gets affected. Unhealthy lifestyle, wrong dietary habits, long exposure to ultra violet rays and ageing are just a few enemies of collagen. To treat stretch marks you need to up the intake of foods rich in vitamin C and E as they enhance the production of collagen. Skin should be kept well hydrated and nourished. Keeping the skin dry should be avoided as it is more prone to developing marks.

Author Bio – Abhinav works for the online cosmetics store Purplle, which features products from some of the best and most trusted cosmetic brands, such as Schwarzkopf, Matrix, Livon Hair Gain, etc.


Fashionista on a Budget

By Deej Walit

Being a fashionista does not necessarily mean splurging on designer clothes, shoes, and accessories. Designer labels can be pretty pricey so not everyone can afford them. But just because you don’t have the money to buy such expensive brands doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish. A true fashionista has a keen eye for awesome and stylish pieces regardless of the tag price. You can be a fashionista on a budget.


So how do you actually shop for fashionable items despite the lack of huge budget? Here are some fabulous tips:

Remember – it’s not what you wear but how you wear it. It’s all about confidence, finding balance, and knowing what looks good on you. Take supermodel Adriana Lima for example. Even if she wears a shapeless dress, she’d still know how to rock it even if it’s practically a trash bag. It’s because she’s confident, she’d know how to sell it, and she’d know how to carry herself. Now imagine someone wearing designer everything from head to toe, but everything’s in animal prints – zebra print beret, leopard print top, giraffe print trousers, and snake skin boots. Yes, she wears all designer and expensive items, but throwing on the entire zoo is not fashionable. In fact, it’s tacky and frankly, quite embarrassing.

Read clothing magazines for women for budget-friendly alternatives. There’ll never be a shortage in magazines online and in print. Browse through these magazines as there will always be stylists and fashion writers who are kind enough to show you how to put together a million-dollar-looking ensemble on a budget. They find budget-friendly stores and designers that design and sell pieces with styles similar with those featured in runway and fashion shows. Take note of their advice before heading out to shop.

Pay with cash and leave your credit or debit cards at home. The problem with carrying these plastics is that you never think twice about the price because you know well that in one swipe, a pricey piece of clothing or pair of shoes would be yours. If you bring cash however, you have no choice but to count your money and stick to your budget. Being fully aware of the consequences of going over your budget will stop you from overspending.

Go low for the trendy and invest in the classy. You’ve probably heard the golden rule that 70% of the clothes in your wardrobe must be in classic styles and 30% must be trendy. This is absolutely right. Since trendy pieces easily go out of style, it’s only right that you get them at low, low prices. Invest more on the classic pieces as they’ll never go out of style.

Pricey doesn’t equate to value for your money. Yes, you bought a $500 pair of Christian Louboutins, but are you sure you’re going to use them more than a couple of times? Being practical is the key to being a successful budget fashionista. How you spend your money and what you spend on will play a major role.

Author Bio

Deej Walit has been writing professionally for over 10 years now. She’s written feature articles and personality sketches for a fashion magazine, web content for various websites, and scripts for live events and TV shows. Currently, she’s one of the full time writers for PinAgency.


Buy Cheap, Buy Twice – Top 5 Ways to Avoid Failling into this Trap

Pennies may be obsolete, but the phrase “penny wise and pound foolish” from our grandmothers’ generation still reminds us that cheap is not always economical. We scrimp and save every penny, but then we buy mindlessly, with little thought of whether what we’re buying is actually cost-effective.  Think about it – does this apply to you, today?

Let’s look at some practical tips on how not to fall into this trap.

1) The dollar store or discount shop isn’t always the best place to buy things. Do price checks of similar, higher quality items at other places.  The cheap stuff could fall apart, or the cleaning fluids may be missing the crucial active ingredient.

2) What is your time worth? Don’t forget unseen things like time management, organisation, and efficiency in estimating cost. More expensive items may give you extra time to accomplish other things. Is the little money you’d save on a less efficient product worth the extra time and energy you’ll expend? A good example is the simple human steel trash can. You can buy a trash can at the discount hole for $10, but is it going to make your life easier? Probably not. A simple human trash can may cost more, but it makes up for it by making your life flow more smoothly and efficiently.  It really feels so much better to step on a can and open it smoothly when your hands are full.  The peace of mind will translate into dollars, somewhere.  There are more important things than money.

3) Recognize the difference between price and value. Something can have far greater value than its price. Even if the item is more expensive, it may be much more valuable than the cheap product. It may even increase in value where a cheap product won’t. A valuable item may fulfill many purposes when the cheap product may serve one.

4) How long will the cheap item last? Cheap items can break in a day, when a more expensive item might have lasted a year. If you spent $10 on the cheap item and it breaks the next day, was it actually cheaper when you could have purchased the $20 item that might have lasted for a year or more? In fact, you may need to spend a lot more on two cheap items when one more expensive item would have served the same purpose.

5) What about the other costs of replacing the item? How much gas will you have to burn, how much time will you spend in your car, how much will you suffer weaving your way through the plastic jungle at your local discount store to buy another item?

There really is a hidden cost to everything we buy, and it really is one more thing to think about. We have to pay close attention to the value of an object based on these five principles, and not merely its price tag.


Dressing in Style on a Budget

With the economy in the state of affairs it is in these days, it is no wonder that individuals everywhere are looking to create something out of nothing. Saving money on food by clipping coupons, carpooling, and shopping at thrift stores have become the norm rather than the exception. Fashion is no different. You can absolutely dress your best in so many creative ways without breaking your budget by shopping off the beaten path, and walk away with cute accessories, hot dresses, even something worth passing on for future generations.

Thrift Stores – Many years ago, the connotation of shopping in a thrift store was not a positive one. However, today, many women – and smart women at that – are utilizing thrift stores as their main staple for fashion purchases. There, you can find anything from vintage purses to business attire with designer labels on them for a fraction of the cost. Some items may simply have a missing button and for pennies on the dollar and just a few tweaks, you will have a hot new item for next to nothing.

Consignment Shops – Consignment shops are one of the best places to shop especially if you are seeking out dresses for special occasions. Consignment shops offer high-end fashion garments at affordable prices. Individuals who own expensive formal wear bring their garments in to a consignment shop rather than just have it sit in the closet when they no longer need that garment. This is a win-win situation as the owner gets to sell their more expensive garment and the buyer gets a fabulous new cocktail dress for a reasonable price.

Garage Sales – Unbelievably, you can find some amazing fashion merchandise at garage sales. You can snatch up a little black dress that only needs a little dry cleaning for a price that will have you smiling ear to ear. Some merchandise at garage sales is brand new with tickets still hanging from that garment.

Antique Shops – Vintage wear is making a comeback like wildfire these days. Not only is vintage wear affordable, it is timeless and eclectic. Perusing the racks of a vintage store is like going on a fashion adventure. Something that was once in Grandma’s attic is something that will be a treasure to you.

A Fashion Exchange – If you have a group of girlfriends that are in the same situation as you are – and who are not these days – perhaps consider hosting a girl’s night in fashion exchange wherein everyone brings a certain number of garments and those garments are traded equally among guests. You may have one female guest searching for a formal maternity dress that has been sitting around in your closet, while she may have a little black dress that will not be fitting her anywhere in the near future.

These are just some of the many ways that you can dress with style without tearing your budget apart.


Memorable Baby Shower Gifts for under $25

It’s a difficult task trying to find the right gift for a baby shower. The perfect baby shower gift should be unique and have a personal touch to make it extra special. Here are a few brilliant gift ideas, all for under $25, that will help you get a memorable baby shower gift:

Baby Giraffe Complete with Birth Certificate

This cute and cuddly baby giraffe is suitable for both baby boys and girls, which makes it the perfect present if you’re buying in advance. This adorable toy has a secret… It’s also a pyjama case! This is great for mums, as it means they can save space, especially useful for lugging all the babies extras around. To top this gift off, it can be personalized with a name or personal message, to give it that warm, fuzzy feeling. What could be more personal and unique than that? The baby giraffe also comes with its own birth certificate that you can fill in, which helps make this item a cherished and handy toy. It’s available to buy at www.toxicfox.com at the brilliant price of $24.99.

Silver Photo Frame

If you’re looking for a classical, yet affordable baby shower gift for the mum-to-be, then a stylish Silver Photo Frame could be the right choice. Make the gift special by personalizing this lovely photo frame with any message. This adds a fantastic personal touch that will make your gift unique, as you know nobody else will have the exact same gift as you. It can hold any beautiful picture of the mother and baby, or whatever photo the recipient chooses! That’s what makes this photo frame a fabulous gift for any mother. This beautiful frame is also available at www.toxicfox.com at the great price of $24.99.

Cupcake One Piece

This gift looks like a box of cupcakes… but they are for a baby girl to wear, not eat! Inside each of the dotted bakery boxes are 100% cotton, pink one-pieces. This is different to the ordinary plain outfits that are usually given as gifts for new babies. It gives one-pieces a whole new unique twist and really stands out from the crowd. This is available to buy at www.babybunch.com at the price of $19.95.

Washcloth Duck Set

What’s great about this gift set is that it’s practical, as well as fun, for any baby boy! It contains a beautiful green and blue baby rubber duck, paired with three 100% cotton washcloths. This is packaged in a drawstring bag and is a lovely way for any baby to get clean while having fun! This funky gift set is available to buy at www.elegantbaby.com at the generous price of $21.00.

My personal favourite baby shower gift is most definitely the Baby Giraffe with its Birth Certificate. It’s unique and something I’ve never seen before. It is different to the usual plain old teddy bears, can be personalized and it has the added advantage of doubling up as a pyjama case! A great personal gift, with added benefits.



A big thank you to Toxic Fox for providing us with inspiration for baby shower gifts in this article. We know from experience how hard it can be to get something that is practical, but that is also adorable and stands out.



How To Shop On A Limited Budget

Vacation season is fast approaching, and most of us just wish that we can have a little more than what we currently have in our pockets. I mean, it’s summer… it’s the time to go out and be seen by everyone. You wouldn’t want to be caught like a deer in headlights when you meet an old friend at the beach, looking drab in the same clothes that you owned three years ago, right?

But what if you have a limited budget, or if you have to spend for other things? As much as you want to go all out and splurge on yourself, you have to pay attention to your current financial situation. To help you out, here are some tips on how to make the most out of your money when shopping:

  1. Make a list of the thing that you NEED to buy and stick by it. Impulse buying always ruins the budget, so it’d be wise to think about the mere necessities first. If there’s something left after your purchases, then that’s the only time to let yourself go.
  2. Shop in your parents’ closet. It’s free, and you’ll even find precious, fashionable items in mint condition. Don’t worry about the trend; after all, much of what’s in right now are just variations of the trends from the last few decades. Plus, you get to make them happy by paying them a visit.
  3. Keep your ears open for sales and promotions. No need to explain this further, I’m sure you get the drift. While you’re at it, it’d be a good idea to scour for coupons as well, so you can save even more.
  4. Browse the net or scan magazines for fashion advices and DIY tips. There are a lot of blogs and web pages that teach people how to look more fabulous by improvising and accessorizing. All it takes is a little resourcefulness and a dash of imagination and you’ll be donning expensive looking outfits at a fraction of the cost.
  5. Remember that price is just what it is – price. It does not reflect the value of the piece of clothing that you’re buying. Expensive does not always equate to beauty and quality. Search for cheaper alternatives to designer brands and for clothing that could easily be matched to the other ones that are already in your closet.
  6. Bring cash. Leave that credit card at home, because it will be just too easy to hand it over to the cashier when you suddenly feel the urge to buy that pair of beautiful heels – even though you won’t be wearing them at the beach.


Bear in mind that while looking good comes at a price, it does not have to cost too much. With a little research, creativity and discipline, you’ll find that even little money can go a long way.

Amy Fountain is a working mom who likes shopping as much as she likes getting paid.  She also owns the Tabletop Fountains and Home Décor Art websites.



The Best Ways To Shop The Sales Online

For the budget-conscious fashionista, finding deals is a priority. Luckily, the Internet makes this process much easier. Today there are private boutiques online where in-the-know shoppers go to get their springtime pumps and bed linen fixes. Curious to snag a deal for yourself? These are four of the best ways to shop for discounts online.

Shop It to Me

For the girl who has always longed for a personal shopper, she can now have one. Shop It to Me is a truly inspired website that scours the web for the best deals on your favorite brands. It’s free to have an account. You simply enter your sizes, the price range you’re looking for, and the amount of discount you prefer; and then, you select your favorite brands and stores. You will receive emails, according to your preferred frequency, that contain the best deals on the clothes you want!


Gilt Groupe was one of the first members’ only online shopping sites, and it is still one of the most upscale sites you will find. For designer labels, like Diane von Furstenberg and Marni, this is your one stop, discount shop. To join, you can request an invitation and go through an approval process, or snag an invitation from a friend who is already a member. Sales begin everyday at a set time, and clothes sell out fast! Gilt also runs sites for Home, Baby, Food, Travel, and City Events, but these are separate and require separate membership.

Rue La La

Rue La La works very similarly to Gilt, but is more of a lifestyle site. Here, one day’s sales will include everything from a gourmet oil brand to J Brand Jeans. The site brings brands that are more affordable for the average online shopper and are more practical for the typical day-to-day.


This is another members’ only website, but it will add much more variety to your day. If your style – clothing or interior design – is funkier that what can be found at Rue La La or Gilt, then Fab is the site for you. None of their brands are names you would find at your everyday boutique, and they range from fabulous Etsy designers to funny pieces of home décor that you might stumble upon in your local vintage store. They also do great night time sales, like Vintage Mondays and Foodie Fridays.


Liz Childers loves utilizing discount websites to find great clothes on a budget. She is a writer for Apex Creative where she blogs about topics like building a birdhouse.



Bits and Tips about Cashmere. Everything You Need to Know and More…

When you say fashion, luxury or style what comes to mind? Cashmere of course! Just saying the word cashmere is so lush and luxurious. Cashmere is the most fashionable fiber out on the market. It was worn by royalty back when it was first discovered. Only royalty could afford to indulge in cashmere. Cashmere is also very expensive, even though if you want to buy a cheaper cashmere item, and you are patient the end of a cold season is the best time to get a discount and finally own an amazing stylish cashmere piece of clothing. There are so many styles and types and colors of cashmere clothes. Anything from sweaters, to shirts and jackets, to pants and shawls, socks and tank tops…

Every one person should own at least one piece of cashmere. Even if it is just a scarf, it will be the most amazing piece of clothing you will ever own. It will keep you warm during the winter and will keep you cool during the sunny days. Cashmere is very strong fabric and will last you for many, many years. Of course, you have to take care of your cashmere, but relax, that is also very easy. Every item that has great quality should specify it on the tag of the clothing. It should say where the cashmere comes from and if it is a mix or pure 100 % cashmere.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to care for such exquisite material. All you need is cashmere detergent, or a gentle shampoo or a baby shampoo, a basin of cool water and a couple of dry towels. Fill the basin with water, dissolve a little bit of detergent in it, dip the item and let it soak for a little bit. Swish it around a little bit and any accumulated dirt or spots should be gone. Do not rub the item together or it will lose its shape. Once it is washed run it under running water to rinse. Do not squeeze it or stretch it. Just lightly press it together to help the rinsing process. Once rinsed, again squeeze it lightly to remove the excess water and lay it out on one of the towels. Wrap it in a roll and gently twist the opposite ends of the towel. Then lay it out on the other clean towel and let it dry completely.

When you are choosing a cashmere sweater you need to know a few things. First you have to know that the cashmere sweater is the most popular cashmere item, that and the scarves and shawls. When you are choosing a sweater, you need to know the styles. There are a v-neck sweater and a u-neck sweater and cashmere cardigan sweaters for both men and women. Of course a turtle neck sweater is mostly for winter time, but the others you can wear at any time and any season. You can put on a cashmere cardigan over a cashmere sweater. If you like a v-neck better, that you can wear with a button up shirt under and get an instant professional look. The u-neck, however you can dress down with a pair of jeans and a pair of sneakers. You also have vests for men and women. Those are pretty versatile as they can be worn for both casual and formal and business. Casual you can get by putting on a tee shirt under the vest and shorts. For a business look, put on a button up shirt and a pair of nice pants. Get a formal look by putting on a silk shirt under it and maybe a nice pencil skirt for the ladies. For the gentlemen great look will be a silk shirt and a tie under the vest that he can pair together with a nice pair of slacks.

Another choice for the ladies is a bolero or blouson sweater. Those gorgeous sweaters are made to show off. The bolero was used in Spain when it first came out in the 19th century as an accessory to the great dresses for the madams back then. It was only made to cover their shoulders and was decorated with jewels and colors. It was definitely just an evening wear. Over the years the style of the bolero changed although it can still be very creative, colorful and it comes in many, many styles.

Now let’s talk about the fun part; the scarves and shawls. There are literally hundreds of styles, shapes, colors and patterns. Every lady and every gentleman should have at least one scarf. You can wear them with anything in any season and any time. For the women, a scarf and a shawl can be like an accessory. A pure cashmere scarf will caress your neck or your shoulders. It will give you a luxurious feel. There are many ways you can wear a scarf or a shawl. The shawl you can use as a wrap by wrapping it around your shoulders or as a beach dress by tying it around your hips. Men can also get creative with their cashmere scarves. Just drop it around your neck, or wrap it around your neck for a cozy look and a warm feel.

Since cashmere’s natural color is tan and gray, it is really easy to die it in any color and pattern. This is the reason the colors you can find cashmere items are endless. There is a color for every individual and every personality and every occasion.

This guest post was provided by aristokrat.eu